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The NexGen DCA Program is here, and we’re thrilled to invite you to join our data-driven journey.

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About Course

Diploma in Computer Application

DCA is a professional IT Course. DCA covers all basic computer knowledge. You can do the course after passing the Higher Secondary. You can become a professional of computer applications after doing this course. The DCA computer course certificate is a great way for unemployed youngsters to seek authentic computer applications training and to get equipped with the required skills, as computer professionals.

Course Highlights


Traditional Fundamentals

Computer Hardware and Software Essentials, Operating System Fundamentals, Data Management and Security

Contemporary Technology Tools

Exploring Google Docs and Google Sheets, Cloud Storage Services (e.g., OneDrive), Typing Practice for Improved Efficiency, DTP work, Spreadsheet Package, Workbook, Worksheets and Web PagesPresentations, Basic Animation, etc.

Practical Skills Emphasis

Hands-on Training with Real-world Tasks Simulation like Manipulation of Sheets, Introduction to Spreadsheets, the Internet & its Usage like E-governance, E-commerce, Social Media, Emails, Conferencing, Websites and Webpages,

Basic Networking Concepts

Types of Networking, LAN, WAN, MAN Networking Devices

Course Activities

Daily Typing Practice

Dedicate just 5-10 minutes daily to improve your typing speed and accuracy.

Interactive Classes

Enjoy 1 hour and 30 minutes of engaging classroom sessions with practical labs to reinforce your learning.

Assignments and Practical Work

Apply what you've learned through assignments and hands-on projects.

Chapter-wise Exams

Measure your progress with chapter-wise exams to ensure a solid grasp of each topic.

Cap off your journey with a final exam on the last day of the course.

Classes starts on October 3rd.

Total Rs.10000/-

Offer Price Rs.5999/-

Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with valuable digital skills. Whether you’re a student, job seeker, or professional, our DCA program is tailored for you.